Content Creation in the Age of Consumer Research

If you’re a main street business owner that has landed on this page, be prepared to disagree with what is about to follow. Chances are, you started your business when the internet didn’t matter. Why would it matter now? You’ve become successful in your venture without all of this new age entrepreneurial crap. Right!

You are correct in the above thought process. Here’s the thing though. If you started now instead of 10, 20, or 30 years ago, the tactics you used then wouldn’t work now.

Main Street Business Competition is Changing

People turn to the internet for research before they buy now. If you are looking to grow your business or even fend off the competitors, you have to jump on the bandwagon. Here’s a short read on why your business needs a website. And a complete guide to doing it yourself if you’re so inclined.

Today’s article isn’t to convince you that you need a website though. My assumption at this point is that you already have one. Today’s article is to convince you how to use it better to attract and retain customers.

You did your research

Let’s start with the fact that you found this article today. I don’t know how YOU specifically found it, but I can guess it was due to you doing research on some pain point that you have. That’s why people spend money. The have a pain point and they need it solved.

Now that I have drawn you to my (your) business blog to solve that pain point, I (you) could use it to actually draw the reader to my (your) brick and mortar business. That’s why content creation is so powerful. It’s a way to get customers to find you when they would have never otherwise. Now, I don’t have a brick and mortar business to draw you to, so we’ll just have to focus on you for the rest of the article.

Solving a pain point

For this to work, you have to educate, inform, or solve a pain point for your readers. It doesn’t have to be a blog format either. You can build your website to have an educational section that is static. It just has to be relevant information to your customer base.

Below are 4 ways having great content on your website will help your brick and mortar business.

What Content Creation Will Do for Your Small Business

Becoming a Trusted Adviser in a Sea of Faceless Competitors

Unless you have a moat around your business, you have to differentiate yourself from your competition. You, like your competition, are a faceless business to consumers. If you can educate them on your industry/product/service, they will trust that your business knows what they’re doing. Bonus point if you can solve a pain point for them. They feel like they were given something for free from you and are more likely to purchase from you.

Raises Your Rankings in Search

When someone searches for a product or service, 60% of the website visits go to the top 3 search results. Then the percentages drop precipitately. Now, the statistics differ some according to who did the study, but the point remains. The higher you are in search results when consumers are searching, the more people are exposed to your business. The 2nd beautiful part of this, is that you are getting exposure for different search terms and even more people are exposed to your business.

Creates Different Customer Acquisition Channels

If you have good, pain point solving content on your website, it will eventually be posted elsewhere. Once it’s re-posted in other parts of the internet, it will drive potential buyers to your site and then to your business.

Legitimizes Your Company

You’d be surprised at how many business owners take the standpoint of just trust my business to do it’s job and don’t ask questions. Guess what, consumers are more informed than ever and they don’t automatically trust you. That’s like telling a potential lover that you have a child so you must be an amazing lover. Not going to work. Informative content first shows the consumer that you know what you’re talking about. It legitimizes your company’s knowledge on the subject matter.

Action to Take

This is the timee for you to do something now. No point in reading about how to help grow your business if you’re not going to do anything about it.

  • Build a website if you don’t already have one.

  • Hire someone to do it if you aren’t comfortable with content creation or web design. If you need a recommendation, contact me. I’d be more than happy to help guide your decision.

  • Start interviewing friends family that aren’t as knowledgeable and figure out what they would be searching for.

  • Use Google Ad-words keyword tool to figure out what people are searching for in your niche.

  • Create the content on your website and get feedback from friends, customers, or anyone that is not family or an employee. Family loves you too much to be honest, and employees are too afraid of being fired.

If you’re interested in learning more, checkout our resources at the B2C, B2B, and B2G pages.