Business to Government Resources (B2G)

Below is a list of resources that we've found or wrote that could be useful for somebody in the B2G space.  We'll be continually updating this list, so check back in the future for new links!

THE Step by Step Guide to Doing Business with the Federal Government

A step by step guide to signing up to do business with the federal government. It’s not as easy as you would imagine it should be.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

The ultimate guide to a little known resource that helps small businesses sell to the government.

Defense Contract Management Agency

A guide to the little known agency that audits government contractors in the defense field.

Excelerator Consulting Articles

This is a nice niche website/consulting firm that will keep you up to date with all of the laws surrounding Human Resources.  Sign up for their website to stay up to date on changing HR issues. If you have employees, this is a must.